Money Transfers

To Customers Attention!

Please be informed, that according to the internal policy of JSC Ziraat Bank Georgia, transactions related to sanctioned countries, (directly or indirectly) are not permitted. Which also means the transportation of goods through the territory of such countries and/or transport registered in sanctioned country or transactions related to such loads/shipments where the country of origin of the goods or country of transportation is sanctioned country. 
The Bank reserves the right to close the customer's accounts without prior notice in case of detection of the above mentioned circumstances.
Please consider the above information, so that your international transactions (goods purchase/import/transportation) could be completed successfully:

Group I – China, Singapore, India, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan.
Documents required for money transfers in USD / EUR:
Invoice or Agreement
Bill of Lading
Group II – Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia
Documents required for money transfers in USD / EUR:
Invoice or Agreement
Certificate of the Origin of Goods
NOTE: Invoice and/or contract must be submitted for transfers made in TRY. The Bank has the authority to request documents related to the previous transaction (invoice, contract, product certificate, customs declaration and other) from customers for transfers performed in TRY.
Group III – United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Pakistan.  
Documents required for money transfers in USD / EUR:
Invoice or Agreement
Bill of Lading
Certificate of the Origin of Goods
The invoices/contract regarding the purchase/import/shipping of the goods should consist the information described below:
• Information about the parties
• Date and number
• Payment terms
• Delivery terms and conditions
• Weight/quantity/volume of the product
• Name and address of the product manufacturer
• Country of origin of the product (QR code should be specified)
On the certificate of origin of the goods (ORIGIN CERTIFICATE, EUR 1, QUALITY CERTIFICATE and other) should be a mark (QR code, State Registration Number) which can verify the document on the official web-page of the issuing state body and / or compare it with other such marked documents.

The transport document of the goods (MBL, CMR, RWB, MAWB), should be related to the current transaction and comply with the invoice/contract (the same receiver/buyer, sender/seller must be described in both documents). Otherwise, the customer is obliged to present the inner freight forwarders document. 

In the absence of the above-mentioned information, the bank is entitled not to accept the documents.

Sending and Receiving Money

Quick, secure and easy money transfer to and from 17 countries in the world, including the network in Turkey provided by Ziraat Bank. For this, you will be assisted by our bank’s quite extensive correspondent network, which is known all over the world.

Perform money transfer operations in GEL through the RTGS system and international bank transfers SWIFT system.

Georgia's IBAN number includes 22 characters."